Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lepak2 - Planet 51 & Dying Breed katanya…

Movie : Planet 51 (English)
Venue : MBO, Galaxy Ampang, KL
Date/Time: Nov 25th, 2009 @ 1230
Rating: 1.5stars/5stars

Comment : The inhabitants of Planet 51 live in fear of 'alien' invasion. Their paranoia is realised when an astronaut arrives from Earth and befriends a young resident. He has to avoid capture in order to recover his spaceship and try to return home.

Filem ni for me, just ok when u have nothing to do. Ringan jer filem ni dan bersahaja dan sesuai ditonton bersama keluarga. Okla kalau dari tiada apa nak dibuat, habiskan masa menonton wayang. So cam ne? faham2 ajerla .. tak nak tgk lagi.. heheh

Movie : Dying Breed (English)
Venue : Venue : MBO, Galaxy Ampang, KL
Date/Time: Nov 25th, 2009 @ 1430
Rating: 2stars/5stars

Comment : Rumoured deep within Tasmania's wilderness, an ancient species known as the Tasmanian Tiger is alive and breeding. Zoology student, Nina (Mirrah Foulkes), attempts to breach Tasmania's impenetrable forests and reveal the tiger's existence to be true. Driving Nina's quest is one critical piece of proof: a paw print taken by her sister just before she met with a fatal accident eight years before. But what Nina doesn't know is how Tasmania became the world's most dangerous island in 19th century when the murderous convict Alexander Pearce (aka "The Pieman") broke out of prison only to eat his fellow escapees and was hung for cannibalism in 1824. Soon Nina and her friends discover that in the wild whilst one species may have died out another has thrived - in the form of the Pieman's descendants.

Bagi filem ni pulak, okla jugak sbb harganya RM5 sbb super wednesday katanya.. so for me teringat filem lama pernah ku tonton apa ntah title dia.. luper la pulak pasal thriller movie dalam gua katanya.. bestla jugak tapi tak derla nak tgk lagi.. kuang kuang..



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