Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being part of ChurpChurp today !!

First when i just surfing internet, nothing to do much I found something that really make me so happy ? What i noticed with blue bird icon, though Twitter social network BUT better than that..Its called "ChurpChurp".

If you want to network with old friends, meet new friends, join clubs, and basically "live" online, then ChurpChurp is the best site to "do it all" and maximize your time's value.

ChurpChurp ? OMG, its new social network for us especially in Malaysia that we can share everything ; get new friends, join new events, easy cash and more that.. lets we explore it.. Zianafolk's what u waiting for ? lets we support this new community.. Dunno how? read here

From my observation, wish i can join next events like Xplore Taman Negara or lets party together ! Its very easy to join ChurpChurp ! register less than 1minute, and lets share news and events with FB and Twitter..

5 reasons why i like most other social network:
  1. Sharing is Caring here, easy CASH for you while surfing internet.
  2. The Ads on ChurpChurp are also a lot different than any other site. They are geared towards my interests, geographical area, and gender.
  3. You can update your status via Twitter and let others to join your community here too.
  4. Great networking and friendship too
  5. Once you'd be a Churper, you will never gonna regret it. Cause ChurpChurp brings you many events like latest movie screenings, hanging out with all the others Churpers as well as contests to make you win this and that!


  1. thanks but why its no appear in Churchurp comment listing?



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