Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First cheque from Churp Churp!

First cheque from Churp Churp!

Today 31May2011, dapat cheque ChurpChurp yang pertama! Akhirnya!!, aku perolehi cek yang pertama hasil buat online promotion menggunakan ChurpChurp ni. Just few monts since I'm joining ChurpChurp.
First blog and now Twitter. Churp Churp (Nuffnang's sister), had brought advertising to a whole different level, man!

Advertising through what? you can advertise through all channels like facebook, blog, twitter or any other social online methods. But make sure you follow the rules and regulations from churpchurp. Join now

My Comments: Rather you do nothing via online, better we all promote something that memberi faedah kepada kita..hasilnya nahh 1st check from churpchurp amount RM106.46.

My comments to churpchurp. may be they can do something to expedite on processing when we cash outs (current ;30-45 days), or may be they can consider Giro transfer.
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