Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Must Watch !! Talentime Movie

"A music teacher, who is herself a great performer is organising an inter-school talentime. Through the days of auditions, rehearsals and preparations, running up to the big day of the contest, the characters et embroiled in a world of heightened emotions - ambition, jealousy, human comedy, romance, heartbreak - all of which culminate in a day of great music and performances."

Well, let we see the greatest movie of the year will come; directed by Yasmin Ahmad, the most talented movie director and scheduled to be released on 26 March 2009 in Malaysia and possibly April in Singapore. Yasmin, in her blog, has described it as a story full of joy and pain, hope and despair, a host of beautifully-written songs, and rich, rich characters.

A Hindu open cremation and a scene indicating the Kampung Medan incident were said to be included in the film.

My Review coming soon !!

Congrats for nominated :

No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (Taiwan)
Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (Taiwan)
Lonely Tunes of Tehran (Iran)

Deep in the Valley (Japan)
Treeless Mountain (Korea)
The Blue Bird (Japan)
Once Upon a Time in Rio (Brazil)
Vaclav (Czech Republic)
The Rainbow Troops (Indonesia)
Talentime (Malaysia)
Mid August Lunch (Italy)
Quiet Chaos (Italy)



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