Monday, October 12, 2009

Lepak2 - Papadom katanya…

Movie : Papadom (Malay)
Venue : GSC Times Square, KL
Date/Time: Oct 12th , 2009 @ 1140
Rating: 2stars/5stars

Comment : Could a loving husband fulfill his late wife's wishes? This movie tells a tale of Saadom who is a successful Nasi Kandar businessman in Pulau Pinang. His wife's last wish before passing away is for him to take good care of their daughter Mia. From a busy businessman who is so infatuated with his Nasi Kandar business, Saadom changes into a dependable father who is very much focused on his daughter's life. As Mia, grows up she gets a bit annoyed with her father's endless care and devotion towards her which at times seem too much to handle. A huge dilemma arises as Mia is all grown up and ready for University life. Saadom then panics as he has no idea how to fulfill his late wife's wishes while she's away.

Okla bagi aku filem ni, simple dan tak memberatkan kepala, ikutkan hati memang tak nak tgk dah citer melayu ni..tapi kawan ajak tgk..merasa la kita tgk.. tak best sgt dan tak jugak worst sgt..ok2 sajak bagi aku... yang penting.. nak tgk lagi tak? terima kasih la u all...



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