Saturday, June 13, 2009

Truly Diva- Ziana Zain

Duk lepak2 tak tau nak wat pe..saja la selak2 kat youtube, terjumpa la satu combination video.. havoq sgt sampaikan aku terus nak postkan kat sini ajer.. utk share ngan kwn2 semua .. mmg kelas dan high pitch.. the only ... Ziana Zain....

What your comment ?

"We present our best greatest singer in Malaysia, Ziana Zain. She known as Whitney Houston Malaysia. She won many competition in Malaysia and international as well. Ziana Zain is one of the rich singer in Malaysia. She has many fans and one of her die hard fan is me..Besides singing, Ziana Zain also ambassador in product such as Omega, Nutrimetic, Slim World, Vono and the lattes is Fendi and Loreal."

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  1. Ziana is the one and only..beliau akan jadik lagenda satu hari nanti!!!



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