Monday, May 4, 2009

Mirc: Streamyx banned dalnet ??

Recently, i just realized that when try to online via..MIRC..and Dalnet server.. tak boleh nak connect.. I dont know what happen, so i decided to try another day. Then tried again, still the same. What the s**** when we feel boring and lonely, we want to chatting and have fun, then this happen. Aku benci..benci.... (ala2 lagu dangdut sapa ntah).. heheh

Then saja la survey kat internet ni mana la tau ada apa2 post pasal MIRC ni.. a big surprise.. mmg macam hampeh Streayx ni tau..penat byr mahal2, ini yang diberikan perkhidmatannya.. so sesapa yang ada kerja ngan Streamyx, pls tell your management !!! we pay and you provide service !!!

Utk confirmation, lets see what i got from Dalnet website that already have the issue !!!


  1. Hi...just browse through the net...then tengok awak ada post pasal ni. Herm...apasalla...tanak bagi orang connect kat dalnet. It's not that we risked others' life, kan? the way, I'm Nas.



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